Waseda University Major in Computer Science and Communications EngineeringWaseda University Major in Computer Science and Communications Engineering


The Major in Computer Science and Communications Engineering has been designed to equip students with advanced knowledge in an integrated field consisting of Computer Science and Computer and Communications Engineering. Computer Science concerns the theoretical fundamentals of computing, information, and communication, while Computer and Communications Engineering concerns the engineering applications of data and content processing and analysis on computers, communication devices, and computer network systems.

Diversified faculty and advanced research environments
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is noted for its diversified faculty. Some have widely varied research experience both in Japan and abroad. Laboratories also allow greatly-varied research projects. The state-of-the-art academic/research environments offer direct coaching from the teaching staff. Under this ideal setting, each student will tackle research projects on their own initiative.

Curriculum oriented toward self-motivation
To foster students’ independence and initiative, our department emphasizes the handson approach. For example, experiments, programming and other “involved” studies are encouraged even in the first and second years. By taking the Project Research course, some third-year students can start research in a laboratory, before the fourth-year students belong to the laboratory for their graduate thesis.

A global perspective, a global impact
In our department, students from the Englishbased and the Japanese-based programs can interact and collaborate with each other in class and in the laboratories. This will help them develop a global perspective, and thereby pursue research topics that will have a global impact.



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